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Novation Launchpad

Novation Launchpad

Launchpad is a dedicated controller for Ableton Live, co-developed by Novation and Ableton. Perfect for DJing, performing live or working in the studio, Launchpad features a multi-color, 64-button grid, control modes for the Session View and Live's mixer, two fully-programmable User Modes and dedicated scene-launch/function buttons. Despite the big grid, Launchpad is neat, compact and portable: 239 x 239 mm with a slim 24 mm profile and weighing only 717 g.

Launchpad uses four different modes:

  • Session Mode for controlling clips in Ableton Live's Session View
  • Mixer Mode for controlling Live's mixer
  • Two User Modes for custom device control and configuration

Big grid
Launchpad features a multi-color, 64-button grid for launching clips plus eight dedicated scene-launch buttons. The buttons are lit by LEDs displaying clip status so you can see at a glance what's loaded (orange), what's playing (green), and what's being recorded (red).
Compact, portable
Despite the big grid, Launchpad is compact and portable: it'll fit in your bag for gigs and won't hog your desk space in the studio. It's slim, sturdy, weighs less than a hardback book and it's USB powered, so there's no power adapter to drag around.
4 modes for flexibility
It's not just about launching clips: as well as the Session Mode, Launchpad offers Mixer Mode—a unique way to control Ableton Live's mixer—and two fully-customizable User Modes.
Innovative mixer control
In Mixer Mode, the rows and columns of the grid become virtual faders, sliders and knobs controlling track volume, pan, sends, mute, solo, Clip Stop Buttons and record arm, depending on the function selected. Use the scene launch/mixer function buttons to select the function you want to control.
The two fully-customizable User Modes transform the grid into a drum pad controller, DJ effect controller or anything else you can think of. The default state for User Mode 1 provides drum pad control for Live's Drum Racks—great for sketching out beats. Using Live's simple MIDI mapping, it's easy to create custom control environments, whatever devices you're using and however your Live Sets are configured.
Made for Max for Live
The User Modes make Launchpad the ideal hardware counterpart for Max for Live. Launchpad is flexible enough to deal with even the most detailed Max for Live devices and can handle generic parameters and controls with ease. Eleven LED states provide visual feedback that's precise enough for complex devices. Launchpad users will soon be able to download a Max for Live step sequencer patch from Novation and more Max for Live patches are planned for the future.
Communication goes both ways
Live and Launchpad are in a constant, two-way, hardware-software dialog. The back-lit grid buttons show what's happening in Live and Live, in turn, shows which section of the Session View is currently under Launchpad control: a red border around the current clip group let's you see where you are with a just a cursory glance at your screen.
Navigating the Session View
Obviously, you're not limited to controlling only 64 clips. The arrow buttons move the grid up, down, left and right one track or scene at a time. Hold down the 'Session' button in Session Mode, and you can use the arrow keys to jump eight tracks or rows at a time—very useful for navigating around large, complex Live Sets.
More buttons? More Launchpads
Want more buttons? Launchpads are designed to work together, with up to six units at once. That's more than 400 assignable buttons! Launchpads running on the same system can run in different modes, so you can control the Session View, mixer and custom setups all at once, with one Launchpad for each.

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Biggest Speaker/Siren ever !

Friday, December 24, 2010

djay for iPad - The full-fledged iPad DJ app by algoriddim

Faust & Shortee on SSL with the Traktor Kontrol X1 controller

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

THE NEW pioneer 350- Winter system !

Digital Performance System


  • Multi format playback
  • rekordbox music management software included
  • Auto Beat Loop function
  • DJ Software compatible
  • Directly record to USB devices
  • Enhance remixing capabilities with four types of effects (including Noise and Short Echo)
  • Isolated 3-Band Equalizer
  • Selectable MIC/AUX channel


Compatible media: Music CDs, CD-R/RW, USB devices (flash memory/HDD, etc.)
Compatible Files: MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF
File systems compatible with USB storage: FAT 12, FAT16, FAT32, HFS+
Frequency range: 4Hz - 20kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: 115dB or higher (JEITA)
Total harmonic distortion: 0.006% or less (JEITA)
USB Ports: USB A Port x1, USB B Port x1
Audio output terminals: AUDIO OUT (RCA)
Other terminals: CONTROL OUT (3.5mm mini-jack)
Audio output voltage: 2.0 V
Power source: AC 120V (60Hz)
Power consumption: 16 W
Dimensions: 8.66in(W) x 11.36in(D) x 4.21in(H)
Weight: 5lbs


Number of channels: 2
Input terminals: CD x 2 (RCA), PHONO x 2 (RCA), MIC x 1 (1/4-inch PHONE x 1), AUX x 1 (RCA)
Output terminals: MASTER OUT x 1 (RCA x 1), HEADPHONE MONITOR OUT x 1 (1/4-inch PHONE), REC OUT x 1 (RCA)
Other terminals: Control Out x 2 (3.5mm mini-jack), USB B Port x 1
A/D, D/A Converter: 48kHz/24bit
Frequency performance: 20Hz - 20kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: 97dB or higher (CD)
Total harmonic distortion: 0.007% or less (JEITA)
Power supply: AC 120 V (60Hz)
Power consumption: 17W
Dimensions: 8.58in(W) x 11.85in(D) x 4.19in(H)
Weight: 7.1lbs

Cdj-900 firmware update

Ver.3.10 -> Ver.3.20 (30 November, 2010 Update)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ghosts N Stuff (Hard Intro Version)

Ableton Live

Ableton Live : multi-award winning music production solution that allows you to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise and edit your musical ideas in a seamless audio/MIDI environment. Live brings your acoustic, electronic and virtual instruments—as well as your digital audio recordings and MIDI sequences—together in a single interface with unparalleled ease of use.

Ableton Live Lite 7 now sports up to eight tracks, more effect instances, an enhanced audio engine, 64-bit mix summing, multiple time signatures, new and improved devices, side-chaining, refined MIDI timing and more. Download the free update now.

The Live Concept

Live Lite offers two main views—the Session View and the Arrangement View—that interact in a powerful and unique way, allowing you to create, produce and perform your music .

Live’s Session View acts as a musical sketch and launch pad, encouraging you to try out new ideas and improvise freely. Each cell in the Session View grid can hold a loop, recording, MIDI file, complete song or any other musical element. These ideas can be recorded on the fly or dragged in from the Browser, combined and played in any order you wish.

The Arrangement View offers a timeline-based approach for traditional recording, MIDI sequencing, arranging, editing and other musical production tasks. And when you improvise in the Session View, all of your actions can be recorded into the Arrangement View, where they can be edited and perfected whenever you like.

Live Lite Feature

* Intuitive audio recording and MIDI sequencing*
* More than twenty built-in audio effects, including a host of creative delays, filters, distortions, studio compressors and EQs*
* Includes two software instruments—Simpler for creative sample-based synthesis, and Impulse for dynamic, sampled drums*
* Supports VST and AU effects and instruments*
* Real-time time-stretching and warping of AIFF and WAV files for DJing and instant remixing
* Tweak Live’s controls in real time with any MIDI controller—just MIDI map it
* All editing of your musical creations are non-destructive so you can experiment without worries
* Integrated single-screen user interface for simple, creativity-focused operation
* Dedicated Instant Mappings for many of M-Audio’s controllers
Also Includes
* A wide selection of presets for Live Lite’s instruments and effects
* Extensive built-in step-by-step tutorials
* Localized software menus, tutorials, and PDF reference manuals available in English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese

Minimum System Requirements (Mac)

* Any G4 or faster, (Intel Mac recommended)
* 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
* Mac OS X 10.3.9 (10.4 or later recommended)
* QuickTime 6.5 or higher
* DVD-ROM drive

Minimum System Requirements (PC)

* 1.5 GHz CPU or faster
* 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
* Windows XP or Windows Vista
* Windows compatible sound card (ASIO driver support recommended)
* QuickTime 6.5 or higher
* DVD-ROM drive

* Live Lite is limited to eight tracks, four simultaneous built-in audio effects, four built-in instruments, two AU/VST effects and two AU/VST instruments per project. Live Lite 7 does not include video support, compressed audio support, or Complex warp mode

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Serato Rane SL 3

Enhanced by studio grade preamps and 24-bit audio processing, this compact new solution produces a warm punchy sound to heighten the senses. Extra outputs allow DJs and electronic musicians to intensify the mix with the Scratch Live SP-6 Sample Player.

The auxiliary input provides a live input feed for creative sampling or recording your set. You can also assign the auxiliary input to provide control for a 3rd Deck (New in Version 2.0).

Use any combination of audio source. Control CD, Control Vinyl or MIDI for more flexibility than ever.

Feature and performance enhancements include:

  • New, Compact Hardware Design
  • Higher output improves ability to easily match levels of various source types
  • Improved Dynamic Range (104 dB)
  • Improved audio performance (24 bit converters)
  • Galvanic isolation prevents computer noise from interfering with the audio path
  • USB 2.0 high speed audio interface
  • Control up to 3 Virtual Decks in Scratch Live 2.0
  • Aux Input for Live Mix Recording or LiveFeed
  • Aux Out channel allows use of Sample Player as a virtual deck and opens the door for future expansion and creative configurations for DJs and electronic musicians
  • High-grade Phono Preamps upgrade performance of most mixers
  • Software switchable Direct Thru Connections for simplified connections
  • Independent Line/ Phono-level selection for each input for greater flexibility
  • Includes International Power Supply to insure optimum performance and easy transfer between DJs
  • Soft Carry Case Included

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Our Audience

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Armin Only - Mirage, Utrecht (Official Opening)

CDJ-850 Overview

THE CDJ-850. As you might have guessed, this is an upgraded CDJ-800 with some new bells and whistles. The old CDJ-800 and CDJ-800 MKII were both tanks, built very solidly with a great jog-dial and nice looping functions. The MKII had mp3-CD capabilities, and now the new CDJ-850 has USB capabilities (first found in the CDJ-400). Along with a sleeker design, the new CDJ has a better screen which also displays the waveform of a song (found in the old CDJ1000′s) which improves user interface. Here is an excerpt from the Pioneer website describing their new product:

Pioneer is dedicated to bringing DJs the best audio/video and live performance products. For newer DJs looking to elevate and greatly enhance their performance and creativity, Pioneer’s CDJ-850 delivers enhanced mixing features, excellent audio quality and a new platform for them to share their music.

“With the increasing popularity of the DJ art form and culture, we understand the importance of creating products for all levels of DJ skill sets. Our aim with the new CDJ-850 is to ensure that DJs get to enjoy similar innovative features and design to those found in our flagship CDJ-2000CDJ-900 players, and get to experience the best product for their needs,” said David Arevalo, senior marketing manager, Professional Sound and Visual division for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. and

Key features of the CDJ-850 include:

  • Pro-series Design & Exacting Features – Inheriting the club standard layout and precise control features of its professional CDJ series, the CDJ-850 integrates a large 206mm jog dial for continuous free and easy control along with a rotary selector and browse buttons integrated within the display.
  • Compatible Media and Formats – Users can mix a variety of music formats and media, as the CDJ-850 is compatible with MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF digital audio formats recorded on USB storage devices or CD-R/RW discs.
  • Included rekordbox™ Software – Pioneer’s new exclusive DJ music management software makes it easy for home DJs to effortlessly organize their entire music library as it analyzes files (settings, creating playlists, saving histories) to their custom specifications. As used by professionals to optimize DJ play, the software enables users to:
    1. Analyze data such as the Wave, Beat Grid, BPM, and ID3 Tag of music files
    2. Create cues and loops settings
    3. Create and edits playlists
    4. Save history of music files played on the CDJ-850
  • USB Export Capability – DJs using the rekordbox software can easily export their music files and custom managed data onto a USB device and quickly plug in directly to the CDJ-850 and access tracks without the need to be linked to a PC. Play histories on the CDJ-850 are automatically recorded onto rekordbox via connected USB device for the DJ’s next session which makes the cycle of music file management, DJ play and preparation for future sessions very simple.
  • User Interface – The display and user interface of the player is designed for quick and fluid music selection. Combined with its rotary selector, navigation through music lists (title, artist, BPM, etc.) is extremely fast and easy. The WAVE display enables smooth DJ play because the user can visually analyze the flow and dynamics of the entire song.
  • DJ Software Control and Audio Interface – The CDJ-850 multi-media player features MIDI, enabling control of various DJ softwares running on a laptop. With the use of the built-in USB HID interface, the CDJ-850 can also control more complex operations of DJ software without the need for a control disc. For additional versatility, the player can also be used as a PC audio interface.
  • Tag List Function – Equipped with an editable Tag List functionality, users of the player can easily register tracks during play or preview to add to their playlist queue. The song order in the Tag List can be altered and saved as a playlist in rekordbox.

Additional features of the CDJ-850:

  • Auto Beat Loop function creates a beat loop with a touch of a button.
  • Four levels3 of settings can be made for the maximum variation range of a song’s tempo (±6%, ±10%, ±16% and WIDE)
  • Resume functionality plays music from where it was left off when removed and later reloaded.
  • Excellent vibration-resistance due to built-in Shock-Proof Memory and Floating Architecture.

CDJ-2000/900 Firmware 3.1

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DJ Colleen Shannon

Playboy Magazine's 50th Anniversary Playmate - Colleen Shannon - " The World's sexiest DJ" has been popping up all over the place these day's, starring in major motion pictures, television, magazine covers, major print modeling campaigns, and DJing the biggest superclubs, venues, and events all over the world. In addition to prominent roles in the motion pictures "Sci-Fighter" and "Miss Castaway", Colleen is the female lead in the upcoming theatrical release "The Passing", which also stars Paul Gleason (Van Wilder, Not Another Teen Movie, Die Hard). Colleen has also just completed her role as a DJ in the new Shannyn Sossamon (40 Days and 40 Nights, Rules Of Attraction, The Order, A Knights Tale), Gary Busey, Michael Madsen motion picture "Chasing Ghosts". Her next role will be in the Film "The Gene Generation", being produced by Dean Devlin (Independence Day, The Patriot), and Kim Winther (The Day After Tomorrow, Daredevil, We Were Soldiers, Freddy got Fingered), and directed by two time New York Film Festival winner Pearry Teo. And in very hush hush news Colleen has been tapped to play a featured role in a new major motion picture based on a 80's-90's hit television series. More on this to come. In the way of television, Colleen has wrapped shooting her role in supe rproducer Barry Josephson's ("Like Mike", Tom Hank's "The Lady Killers", "Hide and Seek", Wild Wild West) new TV project "FCR". Colleen has also been hosting several shows such as the Showtime Network's new series "VIP Access", and "The Red Carpet", interviewing some of the biggest stars in the world, and will be hosting several episodes of "Wild On E!". She has also been appearing on numerous television shows ranging from ABC, MTV and FOX, through ESPN, HBO, and the Style networks, and has shot several shows for Much Music in Canada, as well as many music shows in Mexico. Over in the UK she has become a hit sensation due to her staring role on the hit television show "Love Island".

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New Entry Level HDJ-500 DJ Headphones Are Ready to Perform
Refined Design
The HDJ-500 DJ headphones adapt the styling and performance cues of Pioneer’s top-of-the-line HDJ-2000 headphones. Designed with maximum comfort and reliability in mind, the HDJ-500 uses comfortable urethane pads for the ears that allow the headphones to mold around the user’s head and ears for a snug and slip-resistant fit. Furthermore, the urethane pads are wrapped in great quality leather, providing greater feel and extended comfort. The main structure of the headphones is crafted of magnesium alloy for light weight and durability, making them great for travel and long periods of use.

The Sound Difference
The HDJ-500’s stylish design is matched with great sound quality providing clear audio reproduction, especially in the critical low and mid frequency ranges that are key for remixing. By combining 40 mm diameter drivers, thick 19 µm (micrometers) diaphragm and a copper clad aluminum wire (CCAW) voice coil, the headphones can efficiently reproduce the lower frequency audio range. Snare and kick drum sounds are more clear making it easier for even the most novice DJs to match the tempo of tracks.

For maximum flexibility during performances, the HDJ-500 features a rotating arm structure that allows the user to rotate the right earpiece forward and back by as much as 60 degrees. At that position, the flexible headband maintains enough side pressure to allow the DJ to listen to audio on just one side of the headphones.

The headphones include two interchangeable cords providing freedom of movement during performances. The traditional 1.2 meter coiled cord (extends to 3m) is perfect for regular DJ performances, while the 1 meter straight cord is ideal for leisure listening.

The black HDJ-500-K and the red HDJ-500-R will be available in November 2010 at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $125US.
The white HDJ-500-W will be available in January 2011 at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $125US.

Style: Fully enclosed dynamic stereo headphones
Frequency Range: 5 Hz – 28,000 Hz
Impedance: 45 Ω
Max Input: 2000 mW
Output Sound Level: 105 dB
Driver Unit: 40 mm dia. dome type
Plug: 3.5 mm dia. 3P mini-plug (gold-plated, screw-in)
Weight: 6.8 ounces (without cord)
Included: 6.3 mm dia. 3P plug adapter (gold-plated, screw-in)
Cords: 1.2 m side mount coil cord (extended 3 m), 1 m straight cord

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Ibiza 2010 sexiest girls ever !

watch the glory Armin van bruin, Markus Schulz, amnesia, Paul Oakenfold, nick warren, Brain Cross 65000 people :D

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ibiza International Music Summit - Grand Finale

there is a lot of difference between our Lebanese high-quality events and there events :)

Groundbreaking New Torq 1.5 Software

M-Audio Releases

Software upgrade delivers innovative new creative tools and workflow enhancements for digital DJs

M-Audio is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Torq® 1.5 DJ software for Mac OS X and Windows. Torq 1.5 brings even more creative options to the only digital DJ workstation designed to merge live DJ performance and advanced music production. New features in Torq 1.5 software include Tempo Anchors, Tempo Master, zplane élastique time stretching, send/receive MIDI Clock, a new toolbar and a variety of workflow enhancement

Torq 1.5 DJ software takes DJs beyond simple beat matching and crossfading by offering a host of real-time creative options previously unavailable in the industry. The software’s new Tempo Anchors allow users to set the phase grid exactly on the beats of the song, even if the song changes tempo. Tempo Anchors make it possible for Torq to remove tempo variations from songs so you can easily blend old styles and new. For example, if you have an old ‘70s funk song that was recorded without a click, Tempo Anchors enable you to perfectly match that song with the steady beat of today’s computer-driven productions. You can also assign a track you’re spinning to serve as the Tempo Master for everything in Torq, so looped samples and other tempo-based features will automatically match the natural tempo changes in the song. These new features are enhanced by the addition of zplane élastique time-compression/expansion technology, a powerful new algorithm designed for stretching full music tracks without rhythmic anomalies.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

HDJ-1000 Limited

Professional DJ Headphones


  • Tuned to deliver more impact in the lower bass frequencies
  • Improved for better fit and comfort
  • Easy fold-away structure design
  • Available in gold or black

Sunday, December 5, 2010

CDJ 400 update

Virtual dj version7

Friday, December 3, 2010

M-AUDIO Sound Reinforcement Speakers

M-AUDIO Axiom 61 - New

Improvements CDJ-350

Please use MIDI Mapping file in this page when you use CDJ-350 as a controller for "TRAKTOR PRO" supported by Native Instruments.


Pioneer Mixer Comparison Chart

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DJM-2000: Live Sampler, its not a dream :P

CDJ-850: Freestyle

CDJ-850: Cue Point and Phaser

CDJ-2000: Tag List

E-8305 On Both Decks

1) Operating System: Vista XP SP2
2) OS Type: 32bit
3) Rekordbox version: 1.3.2
4) Using LINK: Yes
4a) LINK Connection method: NETGEAR GS605 (5 port)
4b) Using with CDJs: Yes 2 x cdj2000 (manufacture dates SEPT 2010 & AUG 2010 (firmware 3.1)
5) Hard drive / Flash drive / SD card file system: NTFS (plugged into PC)
5a) Does the device have multiple partitions: No
5b) If it's a flash drive, is it a U3 device: N/A
5c) With what utility did you format the device: Windows
6) Have you scanned your files for errors: No (all wavs)
7) Have you scanned your drive for errors: Yes
8) Is Rekordbox crashing at all: No
8a) If crashing, is it resulting in: an error message OR a crash log OR both (DO NOT POST YOUR CRASH LOG UNLESS REQUESTED!)
8b) If not crashing, are there any error messages: Yes On Both Decks
9) Are you able to repeat / reproduce the problem: will try tonight
9a) If yes, can you do it consistently: will update
10) Any other notes regarding your setup only: 1 x lappy 1 x ext hard disk 1 x network switch 1 x usb mouse
Provide as much detail of the issue here:
ehe ok.. just brought the decks on saturday from a well known uk supplier which is offering 4 years warranty & interest free (nice)
I have had RB for some time making preperations for my purchace.
I got the decks home on saturday and plugged them into the Network switch using some Shielded Network cables (1 metre in length (not the ones supplied). turned the decks on then rekord box on enabled the link function and my trusted firewall attempted to block 3 x proggys from accessing (i assume the CDJ2000's) so i allowed them and i recieved the E-8305 error on both decks, i had to cycle the power to them to rectify it..

After this point i played with my decks for 2 x 6-8 hour sessions with no issues (with my wireless connection on and off during the sets) (I have set my laptops internal network card (Marvell Yukon 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit) not to internet share.

I have seen this type of problem with lots of proggys that i use where if the firewall asks for permission from me to allow something access to the network and i in turn allow it, i have to then cycle the programs request to allow it to initalise.

My guess for this issue was due to a time out from the CDJ2000 where it did not recieve the correct request in a specified time therefore creating the E-8305 error.
I will try to perform this error again tonight by deleting the permissions to the three programs and initalising the link. my guess is that it will happen everytime i perform these steps.
these are the three files that i allowed FULL access
Pro DJ Link NFS Server : PSVNFSD.EXE
Pro DJ Link System Manager : PSVLINKSYSMGR.EXE

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top 5 Sexiest DJ (Girls)

5th place - Ladida

As soon as the name Ladida is mentioned, everybody thinks of the first lady of Czech DJing. She is typified by her precise mixing style and dynamic electronic sound with percussive elements and organic soundscapes. At the beginning of her DJ career she concentrated above all on melodic groovy techno, whereas today she is ploughing the furrow of primarily minimal techno. However, Ladida does not work only as a DJ but as a producer, in which her success resides mainly in her wide-ranging musical spectrum and many years of experience.

4th place - DJ Mari Ferrari

She is hot and she is topless. Between many topless DJ’s this one was the best looking in my opinion.

After first event of Mari ferrari in Las Vegas, in the tour calendar of Mari appeared also 6 new dates in USA. Thanks to our promoters in USA , and to all Americans for a warm meeting of Russian guests.

3rd place - DJ Loli

DJ Loli is in the third place because she has a lot fans here in my country. Some of my friends told me that she should be at the first place, but I disagree. She is good enough to be 3rd.

DJ Loli is one of the top female DJ’s in the world that spins Alternative music, Fidget, Electro, Indie, and other variations of Dance music. She is a different and new kind of enterteiner who is a DJ, Singer, Producer and a Business owner. DJ Loli has launched her Loliland inc enterprise in 2007.

2nd place - Dj Diva

This female DJ puts up a revolutionary worldwide new DJ concept with an erotic taste! DJ Diva started her career on New Years Eve 2002. Being inspired by two friends, who were spinning records already, she didnt take DJ-ing for granted and followed a training-course in 2001 at the Dutch DJ school in Amsterdam. Finally in 2002 a DJ booth was build in her house, made her able to practise a lot to gain all the experiences that she thought she needed.

1st place - DJanne AFFECTA

I remained speechless when I saw this piece of art. DJ Affecta definitely deserves the 1st place on my list.

New upcoming project from DJ AFFECTA vs Alex Astero & Evan Sax. From April 2009 in the clubs of Russia and Europe you can hear and see results of joint cooperation

Our Equipments : CDJ 2000x 2, CDJ 900x 2 & DJM 700x 2

latest cd players made by pioneer industry and we're very proud !

Monday, November 29, 2010

Increase Website Traffic Free

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pioneer CDJ 2000 Tip and Tricks

Sunday, November 28, 2010

DJM 2000 and CDJ 2000 Mix .vedio

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Effects of Music on the Brain

Making Life Easy

Compatibility is the name of the game with Pioneer’s forward-thinking new CDJ players

Life in the DJ box is about to get a whole lot easier with Pioneer’s new CDJ-2000. For this spanking new CD player is also compatible with all the main pro digital DJing software. Which will make setting up nice and easy. The CDJ-2000 is more than just an update of the industry standard CDJ-1000. It can play music from multiple sources, including CD, DVD, USB storage devices and SD memory cards. It can also be used as a controller and soundcard for Native Instruments’ Traktor and Rane’s Serato digital DJing software — so no need for external soundcards or control vinyl.

The CDJ-2000 also boasts Pioneer’s new music database management software, Rekordbox. This allows DJs to prepare their music and sets pre-gig by setting up loop points and quantising tracks. At first glance, the CDJ-2000 looks similar to its predecessor, the CDJ-1000. However, there are a few big differences, like a full colour LCD view screen, where track artwork can be displayed for visual reference.

But the big welcome surprise is its touch-sensitive waveform Needle Search/Needle Drop ribbon. This lets DJs audition tracks by simply running their finger up and down the ribbon (just like picking up and placing the needle on vinyl), complemented by a visual representation of the waveform in the view screen. This feature has been a long time coming, but it’s been worth the wait as this function rocks!

The CDJ-2000 is already drawing gasps of admiration from those DJs lucky enough to get their hands on one. Roger Sanchez said: “One of the most amazing things about the CDJ-2000 is that I don’t have to look at my CD book to find tracks. Everything is organised from my computer onto a USB key, which is transferred to the CDJ-2000. In a split second, everything is at my fingertips, which makes life a lot easier for me.”

Unfortunately, the touch-sensitive waveform Needle Search/Needle Drop ribbon is not available on the CDJ-900 version, the little brother of the CDJ-2000. But the CDJ-900 is also a very capable beast with a few exclusive features of its own, including auto beat loop, a quick return scratch feature and a slip mode that enables DJs to perform tricks normally associated only with vinyl DJs. Both have a highly evolved illuminated jog-wheel, easy track selection and overall enhanced design, making them the new must-haves from Pioneer.

Take a look at M Audio’s DSM3

Constantly on the look out for a powerful, project studio monitoring set-up. Thought it would take a look at M Audio’s DSM3 monitors married up with the SBX10 subwoofer to see if this combo could provide serious earth-moving sounds for producers dabbling in electronic dance music who need big room sound, but in a space-conscious environment.

I remember the day when I first walked into a professional studio and experienced the wall of sound that was the main monitoring system, huge 15-inch sub woofers that would pound the living daylights out of my ears. This was serious sound — only found in the super studios — that many a producer would be envious of. Nowadays, studios like this are in the domain of the uber professional and cost big bucks to hire day to day — not really that practical for the majority of dance producers.

A lot of killer tunes have been created in bedrooms or project studios and space is at a premium. Studios and producers still need to find big room sound from their monitors, but at a fraction of the cost and space.

What we are going to look at is how to create this big room sound at a fraction of the cost and with out the need for lots of space. The speakers we are going to use to demonstrate this are M Audio’s DSM3 High Resolution monitors and their SBX10 Subwoofer, but any combination of studio speaker and woofer can work.

Rekordbox Secrets!

That's right, while at the show we found not one but THREE Rekordbox secrets, one of which some of you have been asking for!
First... how to change the font size of the grid view!
In Windows: Hold the CTRL key while using the scroll on your mouse.
In Mac: Hold the Command (Clover/Apple) key and the Option (Alt) key while scrolling with your mouse or trackpad.
Second ... how to resize ALL columns in Rekordbox SIMULTANEOUSLY!
In Windows: I've not tested this on the Windows box yet, sorry!
In Mac: Hold the Option (Alt) key and shift key while scrolling.
Third ... how to resize ALL rows in Rekordbox SIMULTANEOUSLY!
In Windows: Again, sorry, haven't tested this.
In Mac: Hold the Command (Clover/Apple) key and Shift key while scrolling.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Girls Section !