Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top 5 Sexiest DJ (Girls)

5th place - Ladida

As soon as the name Ladida is mentioned, everybody thinks of the first lady of Czech DJing. She is typified by her precise mixing style and dynamic electronic sound with percussive elements and organic soundscapes. At the beginning of her DJ career she concentrated above all on melodic groovy techno, whereas today she is ploughing the furrow of primarily minimal techno. However, Ladida does not work only as a DJ but as a producer, in which her success resides mainly in her wide-ranging musical spectrum and many years of experience.

4th place - DJ Mari Ferrari

She is hot and she is topless. Between many topless DJ’s this one was the best looking in my opinion.

After first event of Mari ferrari in Las Vegas, in the tour calendar of Mari appeared also 6 new dates in USA. Thanks to our promoters in USA , and to all Americans for a warm meeting of Russian guests.

3rd place - DJ Loli

DJ Loli is in the third place because she has a lot fans here in my country. Some of my friends told me that she should be at the first place, but I disagree. She is good enough to be 3rd.

DJ Loli is one of the top female DJ’s in the world that spins Alternative music, Fidget, Electro, Indie, and other variations of Dance music. She is a different and new kind of enterteiner who is a DJ, Singer, Producer and a Business owner. DJ Loli has launched her Loliland inc enterprise in 2007.

2nd place - Dj Diva

This female DJ puts up a revolutionary worldwide new DJ concept with an erotic taste! DJ Diva started her career on New Years Eve 2002. Being inspired by two friends, who were spinning records already, she didnt take DJ-ing for granted and followed a training-course in 2001 at the Dutch DJ school in Amsterdam. Finally in 2002 a DJ booth was build in her house, made her able to practise a lot to gain all the experiences that she thought she needed.

1st place - DJanne AFFECTA

I remained speechless when I saw this piece of art. DJ Affecta definitely deserves the 1st place on my list.

New upcoming project from DJ AFFECTA vs Alex Astero & Evan Sax. From April 2009 in the clubs of Russia and Europe you can hear and see results of joint cooperation

Our Equipments : CDJ 2000x 2, CDJ 900x 2 & DJM 700x 2

latest cd players made by pioneer industry and we're very proud !

Monday, November 29, 2010

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pioneer CDJ 2000 Tip and Tricks

Sunday, November 28, 2010

DJM 2000 and CDJ 2000 Mix .vedio

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Effects of Music on the Brain

Making Life Easy

Compatibility is the name of the game with Pioneer’s forward-thinking new CDJ players

Life in the DJ box is about to get a whole lot easier with Pioneer’s new CDJ-2000. For this spanking new CD player is also compatible with all the main pro digital DJing software. Which will make setting up nice and easy. The CDJ-2000 is more than just an update of the industry standard CDJ-1000. It can play music from multiple sources, including CD, DVD, USB storage devices and SD memory cards. It can also be used as a controller and soundcard for Native Instruments’ Traktor and Rane’s Serato digital DJing software — so no need for external soundcards or control vinyl.

The CDJ-2000 also boasts Pioneer’s new music database management software, Rekordbox. This allows DJs to prepare their music and sets pre-gig by setting up loop points and quantising tracks. At first glance, the CDJ-2000 looks similar to its predecessor, the CDJ-1000. However, there are a few big differences, like a full colour LCD view screen, where track artwork can be displayed for visual reference.

But the big welcome surprise is its touch-sensitive waveform Needle Search/Needle Drop ribbon. This lets DJs audition tracks by simply running their finger up and down the ribbon (just like picking up and placing the needle on vinyl), complemented by a visual representation of the waveform in the view screen. This feature has been a long time coming, but it’s been worth the wait as this function rocks!

The CDJ-2000 is already drawing gasps of admiration from those DJs lucky enough to get their hands on one. Roger Sanchez said: “One of the most amazing things about the CDJ-2000 is that I don’t have to look at my CD book to find tracks. Everything is organised from my computer onto a USB key, which is transferred to the CDJ-2000. In a split second, everything is at my fingertips, which makes life a lot easier for me.”

Unfortunately, the touch-sensitive waveform Needle Search/Needle Drop ribbon is not available on the CDJ-900 version, the little brother of the CDJ-2000. But the CDJ-900 is also a very capable beast with a few exclusive features of its own, including auto beat loop, a quick return scratch feature and a slip mode that enables DJs to perform tricks normally associated only with vinyl DJs. Both have a highly evolved illuminated jog-wheel, easy track selection and overall enhanced design, making them the new must-haves from Pioneer.

Take a look at M Audio’s DSM3

Constantly on the look out for a powerful, project studio monitoring set-up. Thought it would take a look at M Audio’s DSM3 monitors married up with the SBX10 subwoofer to see if this combo could provide serious earth-moving sounds for producers dabbling in electronic dance music who need big room sound, but in a space-conscious environment.

I remember the day when I first walked into a professional studio and experienced the wall of sound that was the main monitoring system, huge 15-inch sub woofers that would pound the living daylights out of my ears. This was serious sound — only found in the super studios — that many a producer would be envious of. Nowadays, studios like this are in the domain of the uber professional and cost big bucks to hire day to day — not really that practical for the majority of dance producers.

A lot of killer tunes have been created in bedrooms or project studios and space is at a premium. Studios and producers still need to find big room sound from their monitors, but at a fraction of the cost and space.

What we are going to look at is how to create this big room sound at a fraction of the cost and with out the need for lots of space. The speakers we are going to use to demonstrate this are M Audio’s DSM3 High Resolution monitors and their SBX10 Subwoofer, but any combination of studio speaker and woofer can work.

Rekordbox Secrets!

That's right, while at the show we found not one but THREE Rekordbox secrets, one of which some of you have been asking for!
First... how to change the font size of the grid view!
In Windows: Hold the CTRL key while using the scroll on your mouse.
In Mac: Hold the Command (Clover/Apple) key and the Option (Alt) key while scrolling with your mouse or trackpad.
Second ... how to resize ALL columns in Rekordbox SIMULTANEOUSLY!
In Windows: I've not tested this on the Windows box yet, sorry!
In Mac: Hold the Option (Alt) key and shift key while scrolling.
Third ... how to resize ALL rows in Rekordbox SIMULTANEOUSLY!
In Windows: Again, sorry, haven't tested this.
In Mac: Hold the Command (Clover/Apple) key and Shift key while scrolling.