Saturday, December 18, 2010

Serato Rane SL 3

Enhanced by studio grade preamps and 24-bit audio processing, this compact new solution produces a warm punchy sound to heighten the senses. Extra outputs allow DJs and electronic musicians to intensify the mix with the Scratch Live SP-6 Sample Player.

The auxiliary input provides a live input feed for creative sampling or recording your set. You can also assign the auxiliary input to provide control for a 3rd Deck (New in Version 2.0).

Use any combination of audio source. Control CD, Control Vinyl or MIDI for more flexibility than ever.

Feature and performance enhancements include:

  • New, Compact Hardware Design
  • Higher output improves ability to easily match levels of various source types
  • Improved Dynamic Range (104 dB)
  • Improved audio performance (24 bit converters)
  • Galvanic isolation prevents computer noise from interfering with the audio path
  • USB 2.0 high speed audio interface
  • Control up to 3 Virtual Decks in Scratch Live 2.0
  • Aux Input for Live Mix Recording or LiveFeed
  • Aux Out channel allows use of Sample Player as a virtual deck and opens the door for future expansion and creative configurations for DJs and electronic musicians
  • High-grade Phono Preamps upgrade performance of most mixers
  • Software switchable Direct Thru Connections for simplified connections
  • Independent Line/ Phono-level selection for each input for greater flexibility
  • Includes International Power Supply to insure optimum performance and easy transfer between DJs
  • Soft Carry Case Included