Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mbox 2

Updated Look, Upgraded Functionality
Just like the original, Mbox 2 offers you an array of professional routing options and connections in a convenient package, minimizing the need for additional hardware. Because the Mbox 2 is powered via USB, you won't need any additional power source for recording, making mobile recording far easier. The unit also provides a true 48v of phantom power, as well as the new addition of -20 db input gain pads. You can hook up top-notch condenser microphones directly to the interface and record a wide variety of sources without the need for a separate preamp. The Mbox 2 also provides ample monitor routing for quickly and easily switching between headphones and external monitor speakers. MIDI support has also been upgraded, making it easier than ever to integrate external MIDI sound modules and software instruments into audio projects.

Celebrated Sound Quality
When the Mbox hit the market in 2002, home recordists and professionals alike were amazed by the sound quality for its price, and the Mbox 2 more than lives up to that stellar reputation. The DigiDesign-produced microphone preamps--you get two of them on the Mbox 2--are the very definition of transparent, and are well suited to a variety of different recording sources. In addition to the two analog inputs, the Mbox 2 offers S/PIDF digital ins and outs for a total of four simultaneous tracks of recording. The analog-to-digital conversion, too, is as pristine as ever. The Mbox 2 supports up to 24-bit, 48kHz conversion resolution for better-than CD-quality digital audio. One of the best features on the Mbox was its input/playback monitor mix control. It's on the Mbox 2 also, and it enables simple, latency-free overdubbing, meaning you'll be able to craft layered, intricate arrangements without ever worrying about the audible hardware delays or distracting playback echos inherent in many interfaces in the same price range.

Industry-Standard Pro Tools Software
For most home recording enthusiasts, the most attractive part of the Mbox 2 package is the software it comes with. What does "industry-standard" really mean? For starters, Pro Tools HD systems are found in the biggest hit-making recording studios around the world. Truly, it's rare to find a professional studio without a Pro Tools rig, and the projects you start on your Mbox 2/Pro Tools LE system can be effortlessly imported into any Pro Tools HD rig. And then there are the reasons that Pro Tools is and has been the industry-standard: ease-of use, powerful editing and mixing flexibility, and incredible sound quality. The LE version that ships with your Mbox 2 offers most of the same operations as the top of the line HD systems, including parameter automation, non-destructive audio editing, and support for RTAS instrument and effects plug-ins. Speaking of plug-ins, Pro Tools LE comes with a formidable supply of them, including synthesizers, guitar amp simulators, reverb processors, pitch bending tools, and the amazing Beat Detective LE, a one-step find-and-replace utility for drum tracks. Both Pro Tools and the Mbox 2 are fully supported by Windows and Mac, so no one has to feel left out of the DigiDesign phenomenon.

Even More Power With The Factory Bundle
Select the "Mbox 2 Factory" and for only fifty bucks you'll be treating yourself to hundreds of dollars worth of additional plug-ins that'll make your projects sound like a million bucks. Two plug-ins from the legendary Joemeek company emulate two of their most sought after hardware units: the SC2 Photo Optical Compressor adds punchy, warm, and transparent compression, while the VC5 Meequalizer puts musical, old-school tone shaping in your hands. Also in the Factory bundle is the spaced-out Cosmonaut Voice plug-in, a processor that turns vocal tracks into deep space distress calls. Finally, there's the lush, technicolor, three-dimensional, Moogerfooger 12-stage phaser effect from Moog. Just try not to have flashbacks.

Amazingly, even with all these improvements and additions, the DigiDesign Mbox 2 is priced the same as the original Mbox. Buy it now through zZounds, and you'll also get our renowned customer service at no extra charge, not to mention the best shipping prices in the industry. There's never been a better way to turn your home computer into a world-class recording studio.

Manufacturer's Description for Digidesign Mbox 2 Audio Interface (Macintosh and Windows)

Mbox 2 is a next-generation USB-powered audio/MIDI production system that builds on the performance and simplicity of the original Mbox Digidesigns most popular personal studio system ever. Featuring a wide range of connection options, including analog, digital, and MIDI I/O, Mbox 2 delivers professional performance in an incredibly compact package. Mbox 2 also includes award-winning, easy-to-use Pro Tools LE 8 software, which offers many of the same features that top studios rely on to produce Grammy-winning albums and Academy Award-winning film sound. Projects created with Mbox 2 and Pro Tools LE software also open on Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools M-Powered systems providing instant compatibility with countless Pro Tools-equipped project and professional studio around the globe.

The Mbox 2 hardware interface is both powerful and easy to use, featuring a distinctive industrial design, impressive sound quality, and extensive input and output options.


* 100% USB powered for maximum portability
* 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs
* 2 channels of S/PDIF digital I/O
* 1 MIDI input and 1 MIDI output (16 channels in/16 channels out)
* Zero-latency monitoring
* Superior sonic performance
* 48V phantom power for condenser microphones
* Separate source selection and gain control per channel
* Headphone output with dedicated volume control
* Dedicated studio monitor volume control

Pro Tools software is used in countless professional studios around the world, and includes all the tools you need to easily compose, record, edit, mix, and master your projects with pro results every time.


* Award-winning Pro Tools recording, editing, and mixing
* 48 simultaneous stereo audio tracks (expandable with Toolkit options)
* Includes dozens of pro effects processing plug-ins and virtual instruments
* Professional MIDI sequencing with dedicated MIDI Editor window
* Integrated Score Editor based on award-winning Sibelius notation software
* Full Elastic Time and Elastic Pitch to easily adjust timing and pitch on your tracks
* Unique Beat Detective LE automatic groove analysis and correction tool
* ReWire support for streaming you favorite applications right into Pro Tools
* Support for the Digidesign C24 and Command 8 control surfaces
* Huge selection of compatible third-party plug-ins and software options
* Works on Windows and Mac computers

Bundled Plug-ins
In addition to M-Audio Torq LE DJ software and an incredible 8 GB collection of pro-quality loops from industry sound heavyweights Big Fish Audio, Pro Tools software includes a comprehensive bundle of amazing virtual instruments, effects, and utility plug-ins.