Thursday, June 16, 2011


Here is the first in a new series of videos we are doing called “What’s in your DJ bag?” where we stop guys on the road and find out the different pieces of gear they rely on night after night. Watch the first episode featuring MSTRKRFT and read on for more details about the gear.


We found everything a rockstar DJ needs…
*  Serato box (Version 1) CheckMark
*  Pioneer Magnesium headphones CheckMark
*  Custom molded ear plugs (neon yellow) CheckMark
* 13-inch Macbook Pro (with solid state hard drive) CheckMark
* Car visor booklet with Serato and white noise CDs CheckMark
* $1,000 in cash CheckMark
* American work permits CheckMark
* Large Gold watch CheckMark
* Bottle of  Crown Royal CheckMark
* A seriously awesome mustache CheckMark