Thursday, November 17, 2011


Emulator FT 1.5 now supports Native Instruments, Traktor 2 Professional DJ Software.
With the introduction of Emulator FT 1.5 for, DJ’s now have sample decks, loop recorders and more amazing effects literally at their fingertips.
Emulator gives the DJ all the functionality of Traktor 2 with a full multi-touch experience.
We tried to make Emulator more intuitive and easy to use so DJ’s can begin playing on a touch screen interface immediately. Whether they use a tablet PC, touch screen monitor or our holographic looking transparent touch surface, the DJ is now in total control”
We are extremely excited to announce the following exclusive distributors for our products around the world. We are still accepting applications for parts of the world without distributorship and we are very interested to see who picks up this product in the USA.

The following are the official exclusive distributors for Emulator.
Germany –
Israel –
United Arab Emirates –
Switzerland –
Korea –
Ukraine –
Romania –
South Africa –
Poland –
Russia –
UK –
North America –