Friday, January 27, 2012

Ceasar K

Ceasar K
Record Label
Vibe Lebanon Records
961 Breaks
Organized Industrial Noise from Beirut City.
Ceasar K is a DJ, Producer, Turntablist and record collector from Beirut City.

The pioneer of the Breakbeat genre in both Lebanon and the Middle East since the late 90s, Ceasar is today an in-demand remixer and producer with numerous releases on reputable record labels worldwide as well as on his own,‘Vibe Lebanon Records’.

Vibe Lebanon is an independent EDM entity based in Beirut which is home for an internet radio, a record label as well as an online dance music shop.

Winner of the 2004 Heineken Found at Thirst DJ Competition and later on a Jury member in that same competition, he has performed throughout Lebanon, the Middle East, Europe and the USA either as a DJ, a live act or a turntablist.

His sets stand out as being highly original and technical with a touch of old school that also reflects in his music, which often carries subtle influences from both the 80s and the 90s.

His love for the old school and true DJing culture has also led him to open alongside some of his friends sharing the same passion, the first bar in the middle east dedicated to playing strictly vinyl records--Flipside is the place to be for all record collectors, vinyl DJs and everyone that is passionate about the best music format of all times.

Ceasar is also behind another unique concept venue in Beirut ‘The Silver Factory’ which is a real operating silverware factory in which he hosts underground events on a regular basis—back to the basics—a purely industrial venue with just an earth shattering sound system and a bar.

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