Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Download Free DJ MUSIC

That is probably the most requested search term for a DJ on the internet. Well nearly the most requested. *Most DJs can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars downloading music so look for free legal and illegal ways to do it. We explain the difference and why sometimes you just have to pay.

There are hundreds of ways to get illegal music. From copies friends have made to file sharing programs. We are not going to go into the details here of how to do it, you can find that out on your own but be aware there are risks involved. Downloading music illegally is never safe, no matter how many times you clear your history or delete the music, it will have been recorded somewhere by someone what you have downloaded. More often than not a company hired by the record labels will either watch popular downloading sites and programs or will upload fake versions of songs and record who downloads them. If they want to they can take you to court for illegally downloading music and they often do. Who really wants to pay $5000 for a song they could have got legally for $1. Finally most sites offering illegal songs are not doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. One way or another you are paying for it, normally through a virus on your PC that gets downloaded with the track or them finding out details about you with which to hack your bank accounts. It’s often more hassle than it’s worth.

You may be thinking record labels make enough money anyways, who cares if i download a few songs for free.
Most club music is produced not by huge labels but by a couple of guys in a bedroom trying to make it big. To them selling a 1000 copies of a track means they get to keep their house for another month, not buy Ferraris. By downloading just 1 copy you are harming people who without your money couldn’t make the tracks you use to make money DJing. Would you like it if after DJing someone stole your money or didn’t pay you? So please don’t download illegal music as there are plenty of ways to get it free, legally. Besides, when songs cost around $1 a track they are more than cheap enough. A drink out of the vending machine costs nearly $3 and you only get to enjoy that once.

Free, legal music.

How do you get it. There are a couple of ways. The best ways are to contact record labels and publishers directly. Small producers really want their name out there and will give you all the tracks they possibly can in the hope you start playing them in clubs. The more people playing their tunes in clubs, the more they’ll be recognised and either picked up by a record label or sell more of their future tracks. Hit up myspace where you’ll find thousands of DJs offering their tunes for free for you to use.


But what about them big hits and latest releases you can’t find either illegally or for free. It happens a lot. If you want the latest tunes from the biggest record labels you will just have to pay. But it’s worth it, get some awesome new tunes the club hasn’t heard before and not only will the place be jumping but you’ll be wanted to play at other places too.

So there you have it, you can download free DJ music legally as well as make more money by buying DJ music. Don’t download illegally, when the alternatives are far safer and just as easy.