Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jade Basement

Beirut, Lebanon
Record Label
EMI, Presslab Records, Great Stuff...
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After many failed attempts at losing his virginity back while still in college, a desperate yet ambitious Jade turns to alternative measures. Having watched Music Television once, he decides to become a rock star. And so Jade sets forth to form a band. Much to his and everyone’s surprise, his band Blend becomes the first in the Middle East ever to be signed to a major record label. The band’s debut album Act One was released in 2003. But despite having gained rock star status, and all the acclaim and the tours; Jade was still unfortunate when it came to losing his innocence. By that time, an emerging scene unlikely came to Jade’s limited attention. Tempted by the sexually charged dance floors of the Electronic Music scene, Jade wishfully decides to become a DJ. Shortly after, he starts throwing underground parties in Beirut, hosts his own radio show, and finally opens his very own club. Yet all his efforts were still in vain. His only consolation was the success of his club “The Basement”, which became a reference for Alternative & Dance Music in Beirut. His DJ career had him touring the world, playing in some of the most eccentric cities the likes of Moscow, Morocco, and Berlin. He also found another way to release his tensions. He set up a recording studio, and began producing electronic music and releasing it on labels like Presslab and Great Stuff. He also made time to make music for the ad industry, working with some of the most prominent agencies in the business. He formed a two-piece self-produced band with his studio mate Fe, in 2011: “Robert Polson”, and started a new live music/visual project with VJ TM: “The Middle Beast”, that focuses on blending his oriental influences with cutting edge electronic music. Until this very day, Jade still maintains a busy touring and studio schedule, and hopes that this half a minute would come when he would finally realize his life long dream.

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Beirut, Lebanon
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