Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mistakes DJs Make Promoting

There are many reasons why DJs fail to promote themselves. We’re going to list some of these mistakes so you can hopefully avoid them.
PART 1 – Who are you?
One of the major reasons why DJs fail at promoting themselves is because they don’t know who they are. From their DJ name, to their record label. Constantly changing your DJing name just means people lose who you are. Got yourself a nice fanbase on myspace? Changed your name? Instantly no one knows who you are or why you are on their friends list.
When thinking up a DJ name or a record label name make sure 1) No one else uses it or anything similar. 2) That you’ll like it in 5 years time and won’t feel embarrassed telling people your name. No point adding in swear words to your name if you feel embarrassed when telling other DJs or producers.
The DJs who get ahead are not always the best. It’s because they have a clear idea of who they are, who their label is and their image. Think of your favourite DJs, Tiesto, Fat Boy Slim, Deadmau5. They don’t put out a fake image as gangsta rapsters. They play music and are themselves. Your favourite clubs such as Godskitchen or Gate Crasher have an image of vibrant, young and living for the weekend.

People have to believe who you say you are. Why play House music if you hate it? Play what you enjoy, be who you enjoy being and the energy will flow through to your audience. It will take time to figure out who you are so ask yourself this.
1. Who inspires you and what are they like?
2. What are peoples current impressions of you?
3. What music drives you?
4. What is your favourite scene?
Don’t try to act like your heros, but let them inspire you. If you are fake, people will notice this. Just be comfortable in yourself as that is your main selling point. Sometimes it’s different to be unique. Why be another house DJ when there are thousands like that out there? DJ Yoda is a classic example of someone doing something different. He is unique and people craving something different jumped at the stuff DJ Yoda was doing. It is a risk, but if you can give the people what they want that they currently don’t have you’ll do well.
The next step is creating your image from websites to flyers to videos. Which we’ll cover next time. In the meantime if you have anything to add to this, just add a comment below. It’s free, there is no registration required and other DJs will be happy to help.