Friday, January 20, 2012

UPDATE: Serato ITCH v2.1 final

Seems that Serato are having a pre-NAMM clean up with updates for SSL and now ITCH. This v2.1 update adds hardware control of the SP-6 sample deck that was added in v2 (yay) as well as a new simple sync mode that will allegedly kill the art of DJing to death with microwaves or wavies or something else I read on a forum. But it won't really.

Here's the word:
SERATO announce the release of ITCH 2.1
Auckland, New Zealand (January 11, 2012) - Serato ITCH 2.1 is here - The free software update is now available online at
The latest version features enhancements and bug fixes for all Serato ITCH users with 2.1 offering improved stability
and increased performance.

Key Features of ITCH 2.1
  1. Simple Sync mode added for two deck controllers.
For quick and easy matching of the tempo and beats of two tracks playing simultaneously.
  2. SP-6 Hardware control.
Increased SP-6 Sample Player power, with the addition of hardware controls for each ITCH controller to trigger samples with controller cue point buttons. 

    2.1 continues Serato’s commitment to providing the best possible software for people who love music.

One other thing not mentioned in the press release is that the same MP4 metadata bug that was squished in SSL 2.3.3 has also been fixed in this ITCH update too. I wonder why? Anyway, it does mean that any metadata in a file will be rewritten back to the original file the first time you play it in this new version. It's also important to note that this change is not backwards compatible.