Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why You Should Buy Cheap DJ Equipment

You probably don’t want to hear this but if you are new to DJing then don’t waste your money on expensive DJ equipment. You’ll hear it from everyone, buy a set of Pioneer CDJ 2000s, buy some $500 headphones and don’t forget that 8 channel mixer if you want to be a real DJ. None of that will make you a real DJ or even help you become one. Don’t waste your money on expensive DJ equipment, at least just yet.
Here’s why. We all want the top level Pioneer CDJ units and Mixers. They look great and do lots of things, especially in the dark all lit up and flashing away. All the big DJs own them and you can’t help but notice them in every single DJ photo in the magazine.
So if they are using it why shouldn’t you, a new DJ be copying them? Because they have had years of practise. They use them 8 channels to the full and understand when and and how to use the effects. Learning to DJ with all these extra features will just making learning even more difficult. Who wants to learn the basics like beat matching when you can play around with effects all day.
When learning to DJ the only thing you should be learning at the basics such as beatmatching and mixing. Once you can beatmatch you are a DJ. If you can’t beatmatch there is no point trying to learn how to scratch or mix as you’ll never get anywhere. It is a skill that can take years to master but that doesn’t mean it’ll take years to be able to understand and do it.
Having an effects unit or 8 channels won’t help you learn to beatmatch. It’ll only hinder your learning with you showing off how to use effects and multiple channels badly and no one taking you seriously as a DJ.
So start out simple. Get a pair of cheap turntables if you are into vinyl or some CDJ 900s if you are more into cds and downloaded music. The lack of features will help you focus on the core basics of DJing and also give you plenty of spending money to use on records and music downloads. Learning with just 2 tracks will get dull fast, add hundreds of tracks and you have almost unlimited combinations to use. You can also experience different styles and genres to practise your mixing and beatmatching.
Once you’ve got the basics down and start to find your current set up too limiting spend some money on some good quality CDJs and mixers. By the time you’re ready for that you may find a new model is out with even more stuff to play with and learn.
Now we advised you not to spend hundreds of dollars on headphones. Most DJs will tell you that that is the most important investment and it is. However spending %500 on a pair of headphones does not mean they are good quality or right for you. Buy some basic $100 headphones to get you started and used to the quality they provide. Then when you are ready to take things further try out different types of headphones. Everyones hearing and head shape is different so whats right for your friends may not be right for you. With the experience of using lower quality headphones you’ll know when more expensive headphones sound right for you.
Remember the dj equipment doesn’t make the DJ popular, the music that the DJ plays makes him or her popular.
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