Sunday, December 30, 2012

Featured - The HouseBros - DJsounds Show 2012 1 hour mix + bio



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Turn tables are for our young 12 years old “made in morocco DJs” what the magical rod is for Harry Potter. With only that and their incredible energy they can amaze the crowd and make it dance all night long.

HouseBros!, don’t ever forget this name, because it is the one that you will find in the world wide night life. Housebros are the ones that will brighten your nights with their outstanding music and personality.

Housebros is the current Clubbing phenomena! Those two twelve years old kids, DJ DIDISS and DJ MAXAIR have found their key of success really early in life: a turn table and a DJ Mixer! This is the story of two made in morocco DJs about to conquer the world.

DJ Didiss :

Moulay Driss Alami is born on a sunny morning the 9th of June in 1998 in Casablanca. One can think that he caught the sunlight of that summer day and has kept it with him until today. Indeed, MDA is a very warm, lively and dynamic young little man. He was first very attracted by tennis then he decided to follow his older brother’s hobby: football, wishing that he could someday raise himself to the rank of the most famous football players. Yet, sport didn’t seem to be his vocation. He needed something where feelings can be expressed and exalted. Something that will make him challenge himself more creatively than physically. He needed something that was directly in line with his personality. He needed Music!

Most people like music and its harmony but only a few of them have got a real talent! Since the age of 10, he could feel the music more than ordinary people; he could live the music and even create it. The beginning was modest but the ascension was dazzling! It started with some parties with some friends in Casablanca playing on basic turn tables. Then time after time, he learned all the technical aptitudes that a David Guetta would have. And now you can see him proudly handling a professional material performing in some of Ibiza’s clubs hoping that when he’ll be grown up he could reach the excellence of David Guetta, his idol!

Max’Air :

Maxence Rachou or Max’Air is born the 19th of December 1998 in Paris. Since his childhood, he has always been passionate by various types of music. He decided to create his own House music and bought his first turn tables. Then he started to learn step by step all the secrets of mixing. When he met MDA, the two friends decided to embark in a big adventure and create their team called the HouseBros!

Here is a list of the key moments in Housebros Life!

The beginning of Housebros.

2009 : the two kids met for the first time and talked about their common passion, they decided to create together “ the HouseBros”.

Summer 2010 : The HouseBros performed in numerous Parties in Ibiza, they started enjoying the real public show.

December 2010: Le Rose Bar - Pacha Marrakech experienced one of the most memorable nights that it ever had, for the first time in morocco two 12 years old DJs were performing.

To perfectly cap this exciting year of 2010, the HouseBros performed for the new eve at the SO CLUB Marrakech and overwhelmed the whole SO by good vibes, joy and crazy atmosphere. This is what we call the HOUSEBROS EFFECT!

January 2011: the Housebros held a party at the Bloom in Rabat and carried out an interview on Hitradio

February 2011: the SO Night Club hosted once again the HouseBros who became really familiar to this “place to be” in Marrakech

Avril 2011 the Housebros held a breathtaking party at the Carre Club Casablanca

May 2011: the HouseBros obtained the residency at the SO. From that date, they started playing twice a month at that night club.

June 2011: The Housebros performed at a beach party at the vikky Beach. Somedays later they were solicited by the Bloom to warm up its dancefloor

July 2011: the Housebros obtained the title of « national DJ » they performed for charity in aid of AIDS an entire afternoon with six other national Djs
August 2011 : The HouseBros went back to Ibiza to warm up some very well know nightclubs such as le Cafe Mambo , Savannah and Blue Marlin.

And this time, in order to amazingly cap the 2011 year, the Housebros decided to go on a national tour in Morocco stopping by various NightClubs all over the country such as Tanger 555, Rabat Bloom, Casablanca Carré, Marrakech So etc.