Thursday, January 31, 2013

NAMM 2013: Numark Mixtrack Pro II and NS7 II

The Numark Mixtrack Pro II was just announced earlier today at this year's NAMM 2012 show as the new successor to the Numark Mixtrack Pro original DJ controller. The Mixtrack Pro II will come bundled with Serato DJ Intro, but the folks at Serato have already started working on the upgrade path to the full Serato DJ software. Serato has just sent out a quick video demo of the Numark Mixtrack Pro II working in perfect harmony with Serato DJ.

In the video, we can see the DJ using the Numark Mixtrack Pro's 16 performance pads to trigger cue points, the SP-6 samples, and effects. The Jog wheels are also given a good workout and users of the original Mixtrack Pro can rest assured that the new Mixtrack Pro II will have good scratching resolution to get the job done.


Numark NS7 II

What It’s Got: Slick touch-capacitive knobs for EQ, effects, and filters.
What It’s Not: Much lighter or smaller than the original NS7
Price: To be determined
Software: Serato DJ

Numark Mixtrack Pro II/Mixtrack II

What It’s Got: More pads! A good replacement of hard plastic buttons.
What It’s Not:
Price: $299 / $199
Software: Mixtrack Pro II:Serato DJ (comes with Intro) / Mixtrack II: Virtual DJ LE
The sentiment at NAMM 2013 seems to be very much “let’s throw some pads into our controller!” but in the case of Numark, it’s likely a wise refresh to their most successful products. The NS7 and Mixtrack Pro were both great successes that put Numark solidly into the controller game. If you’re looking for something more innovative and these updates aren’t your speed, Numark debuted the Orbit wireless controller at NAMM 2013