Wednesday, February 27, 2013

mixed in keyring? – Urbanears Slussen

Like it or not, DJing is rapidly becoming a pocket-sized pastime with a cheap if not free price tag. You can sit behind your keyboard and complain, but that won’t make it go away, nor will it stop the inevitability of the digital age continuing to rampage through the DJ scene. So it’s time to embrace the weird and wonderful that the new style is throwing our way, and one such quirky little thing is the Urbanears Slussen – the IKEA sounding pocket audio adaptor, and a free iOS app to go with it.
As ever, some official words to whet your appetite:

To unleash Slussen, plug the adapter into your iPhone, iPod or other iOS device and download the Slusen app. Connect your headphones and sound system into the adapter via the two 3.5mm jacks.  Launch the app, and that’s it.  Slussen’s pre-listening feature ensures that the tunes are always bumping, even while preparing the next track.

Open a track by tapping the name field on top of each deck. Choose the track you would like to play in the drop down menu. Repeat the procedure on the other deck. The track will automatically start playing once loaded onto a deck. You can scroll through a track by sliding your finger along the waveform or by tapping the fast forward and rewind buttons.

Once you’ve hit play on one of your decks, you can control whether the music is heard in your speakers or not. Slide the crossfader to the side on which you want to be heard. You are now ready to press play on the other deck. To make mixing easier, make sure you press the sync button so that the two decks are in perfect sync. Please note that the two tracks need to be fully analyzed before you can press the sync button. You know this is done when the waveform is fully visible. Once the two tracks are in sync you are ready to mix them.
Slussen’s powerful equalizer is accessible by tapping and holding the EQ button on the middle of each deck. Once that is done, you will be presented with four options. Slide your finger towards the option you would like to adjust. Slide clockwise to increase and counter clockwise to decrease. Similarly, you can adjust the other equalizers and the gain. Adjusting the equalizer is great way to make your mixing smoother.
To pre-listen to a track you’d like to mix into your set, tap the headphone button and slide the headphone crossfader from side to side. If you don’t have the Slussen adapter plugged in, you won’t be able to use the pre-listening feature and you should change your settings in the settings menu.
  • Kill all – Kill the EQ effects on the respective side
  • 125 BPM – increase the BPM of a track or change the pitch by tapping the BPM button
  • Sync button – press this button to make sure that two different tracks are played in perfect sync
  • Equalizer – press and hold the EQ button to adjust the equalizer or gain
  • Scratch function – press and move any of the decks while they are playing to scratch
  • Crossfader – slide from right to left to choose which side should be heard in your speakers
  • Headphone crossfader – lets you choose which deck you will hear in your headphones
  • Cue feature – cue instantly, or set a new cue-point by tapping the cue button

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