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TankTop - Turn The Light

Natural Selection are about to make a special gift for you all. Within all the beauty and the best shapes of house music TankTop is making out another impressive tune called “Turn The Lights”. Massive melody with a great leading synth turns the track into a wonderful big room record. Now, Natural Selection Records proudly presents “Turn The Lights” by TankTop! This one without a question will feast your ears!

REPORT : Goldenvoice and LED Presents… Laidback Luke at the Fox Pomona By Eddie Bachs

March 7, fans gathered at the Fox Theatre in Pomona from all over the greater Los Angeles area for an intimate performance from Dutch House Producer and DJ Laidback Luke (born Lucas Cornelis Van Scheppingen). As the line grew so did the crowd anticipation and energy as club goers arrived in colorful, albeit revealing attire despite the cold winter evening in Pomona. As the doors opened, fans with floor tickets made their way to the pit entrance to receive their pit access wristbands, a must have for ANYONE in attendance.  As the crowd began filling the pit, LED Presents veteran Brazzabelle arrived as support and opener for Laidback Luke, delivering an energized set beginning with deep and tech house that quickly evolved into a harder heavier electro sound.


As soon as LBL stepped on to the stage, the crowd erupted into cheers, whistles, and screams followed by the unmistakable chanting “LAIDBACK LUKE!!!!” Almost immediately and in unison, the double L shaped LED screens powered on with bursts of light and graphics, the articulated lights began to shower the crowd, and the heartbeat of the kick drums brought the entire venue to life as LBL started his set off appropriately with his 2010 Big Room track “Till Tonight”. It was clear this crowd had been “counting down the minutes till tonight”.  Goldenvoice and LED Presents brought a modest but incredible live production to the Fox, making it less about the lights and lasers and more about the music and performance(sometimes less IS more). As his set went on LBL wooed and wowed the Fox Theatre with tracks from his entire career including his originals productions “My God”, “Do the Robot”,  “Speak Up” and “Trilogy” as well as his remixes of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”, Steve Aoki’s “Emergency” and even a trap version of his “Dirty Talk” remix. And in case anyone was wondering, YES he played “Harlem Shake” and the crowd went NUTS. Not to mention his display of Turntablism skills, scratching and beat juggling (tricks more commonly seen from hip hop DJs) throughout the entirety of his set with his eyes and hands on his CDJs at all times, constantly working on the next mind-blowing moment.  


Tomorrowland, Sensation sell for $100 million to SFX

Coming swiftly after the announcement that ID&T would be expanding its Tomorrowland empire to the U.S. with TomorrowWorld, the Dutch powerhouse has made a significant announcement. After much speculation, ID&T is officially becoming part of SFX Entertainment, the American company run by Robert F.X. Sillerman, who pledged to spend $1 billion on acquisitions within a year. According to an official release, the Amsterdam-based ID&T is valued at $130 million. Billboard reports that SFX has acquired 75-percent of ID&T’s entire global business at a price of approximately $97.5 million.
ID&T director Duncan Stutterheim had already struck an American joint venture with Sillerman, foreshadowing this more comprehensive move. The famed Sensation event made its entry to the New York market in October last year with backing from SFX’s competitor Live Nation. ID&T will keep Amsterdam as its ‘creative hub’, with new offices set to open in South America and Asia. As the press announcement at Miami’s Delano Hotel put it, the “creative heart of ID&T” responsible for the event and festival concepts will remain entirely in Dutch hands, remaining in Amsterdam under the name M-Design. “This next step will see us become part of a globally active company, enhancing our ability to roll out our creative concepts on a global level,” Stutterheim says. Alongside Tomorrowland, Q-dance and Sensation, three of its most globally-recognised brands, ID&T stages European institutions like Mysteryland, Welcome To The Future and ENERGY.
Sillerman has made no secret of the fact he’s a dance music outsider, but his spending spree has been honed-in on the booming EDM market. His first acquisitions, Disco Donnie Presents and Dayglow Productions, were just the beginning. The first months of 2013 saw Sillerman add Voodoo Experience and Beatport to the SFX portfolio, and now the ink has dried on the company’s biggest buyout yet.

World’s no 1 DJ Armin van Buuren wins 5 International Dance Music Awards

Amsterdam, March 22nd 2013 – Excitement in Miami rises to great heights, even before Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 600 show at Ultra Music Festival has kicked off. Last night, the Dutch DJ received 5 International Dance Music Awards, for ‘Best Global DJ’, ‘Best Radio Mix Show DJ’, ‘Best Producer’ and more. Armada Music, the label of which Armin is co-founder, won the prestigious award for ‘Best Global Record Label’ for the fifth year in a row, a perfect crown to its 10 year anniversary year. 

The ‘Best Trance Track’ IDMA was awarded for Armin’s knock-out tune ‘J’ai Envie De Toi’, a big summerhit in 2012. The IDMA for ‘Best Radio Mix Show DJ’ makes a great compliment to the world’s number one DJ, who’s currently celebrating the 600th episode of his A State of Trance radio show with an extensive world tour. Other important IDMA’s won include ‘Best Producer.

‘Best Global DJ’ and ‘Best Podcast’ for the official A State of Trance Podcast.

This Sunday, March 24th, Armin closes the second weekend of Ultra Music Festival with the 9th show of his A State of Trance 600 ‘The Expedition’ world tour. The entire show will be broadcast live via Next week, the tour touches down in New York’s Madison Square Garden, to close down with the (sold out) grand finale in Armin’s home country the Netherlands, in Den Bosch on April 6th

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Is The Art Of The Approach : by Talking To Promoters + Club Managers

The life of a DJ is filled with 20 second opportunities. Some get converted into 5 minute opportunities or into a lifetime of gigs. Most are squandered. Do you know your DJ elevator speech? Can you land a gig if you only have a few seconds to talk yourself up? Today’s article offers advice to help you get prepared for these rare moments.


It starts in a crowded club or venue. You bump into the person you’ve always wanted to chat with. That person is an influencer, a club owner or a top DJ that could catapult your career. What are you going to say in that moment? How are you going sell yourself? How do you pitch?
I can tell you from years of experience: most DJs waste that moment. Usually because they lack strategy and don’t have enough traction in their career. Plus you can count on somebody interrupting you within 60 seconds – so you don’t have long to make an impact and be remembered.
DJs are terrible at promoting, because pure promotion doesn’t really work. What you should be doing is attracting and influencing. It’s more effective, but it’s also an art that takes some practicing for some and comes naturally to others.
Before influencing promoters and club managers, you have to be prepared and the currency of preparedness is “traction”.


Unfortunately there’s no real objective measure to this idea. Traction can simply mean showing that you’re making progress with an increasing email list, social proof, production portfolio, played in some recognized venue, etc. It’s okay if you don’t have any of them, but at least be working on one of them.
A great example of a way to start building traction could be hosting a monthly event with three other DJ friends in an easy-to-get venue or warehouse. Each DJ should bring at least 15-20 friends. Try collecting as many emails as you can the first month – by month three you should have at least 500 people in your email list. Engage the email list in Facebook and Twitter and slowly build a following. By month four, you should be looking for a bigger and better venue. This might be a bit too idealistic – but this is the kind of forward progress that shows you have traction.
Traction really is about building a relationship with your followers and club influencers over time and showing them that you can move the ball forward. Many DJs make the mistake of thinking that to grow a following and getting gigs is something you do on some mythical weekend period.
Meeting influencers and getting gigs is an ongoing process – you need to build a relationship over a long period of time. That is how you convince them that you’re gaining “traction”.


With some traction under your belt, you should hit the ground running with a strategy on how to approach these key individuals. Mind you, promoters and club managers are people with adept social skills and can see past your BS so “Authenticity sells”.
The number one key to influence is to “Give before you ask”. With that in mind here are five critical action steps you could do to approach an influencer or a club manager.
Go out to the night you want to play!
1. Setting Up: Go out on a weeknight that you are interested in gigging. Let’s say it’s Thursday night and you know exactly which club you want to play in. Make sure the club plays the genre of music you spin, otherwise don’t waste your time. Buy a drink and enjoy yourself (or at least look like it!). Ask the bartender who’s promoting the night and they will point out a DJ, promoter or manager. Scout them out for a few minutes and approach confidently saying something like this:
“Hi, awesome music and night. How often do you host?” After their response, follow up with – “Great, I’m a DJ too and the vibe here is different from most places” pause “Do you have a card? I’d like to talk you more about your Thursday nights”.
You can engage in small talk, but don’t pitch, hand out business cards or ask for a gig. It’s better to talk about something casual, funny, or non-DJing related.
2. The Give – Follow up emails are crucial. In my experience, the best time to send followup emails to promoters are on Sundays and Tuesdays afternoon. Start your email with something like this:
“Hey there, this is X and I had a great time last Thursday. Please let me know when your next event is so I can bring some friends who are new in town.”
That’s it! 80% of the time promoters or club managers will respond to this email because you are bringing them people, which is extremely valuable.
3. Prepare Your Ask – Develop your 60-second pitch (you might know this as an elevator speech). Even if you’re a more accomplished DJ: Don’t wing it. Practice it and repeat it so many times it gets boring. Your wife, husband, girlfriend, sister or co-workers should be sick of hearing it. It needs to “land” when you say it. It needs to be memorable. I always start with with something like this:
“My friends and I are DJs that play XYZ music and we have over 500 people in our list. The venue we’ve been playing at is not accommodating and we’re looking for a better place.”
Learn to talk with energy – anytime you’re given the opportunity to meet an influencer, do it with energy. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you’re monotone or lethargic, it will diminish what you’re saying. If you’re not naturally enthusiastic when you speak you must practice and gear yourself up (at least for this moment). If you’re not enthusiastic about your music or yourself as a DJ, then how the hell do you expect me to be?
Making the ask.
4. The Follow Up – After memorizing your ask to death it’s time to go out and meet them again. The best time to approach an influencer is early in the night, specifically 9:30pm – 10:30pm. So make sure you go early and always bring a friend or two. Greet them nicely and ask them if they want a drink. At some point try to isolate them for the ask.
5 . The Ask – Begin the conversation with questions about the promoter, how they got started or how they know the current DJ. You haven’t “earned the right” to pitch yet unless the influencer gives you cues that they’re wanting to go there.
If you get far enough in your conversation that you’re pretty convinced that you’ve earned their interest and if you know that there is something that they can do to help – then pitch! This isn’t every encounter – often you don’t have the right position in the relationship/situation to make the ask. Unfortunately I can’t teach somebody when to know – it’s an art – you can just tell. But sometimes you have to take the risk and go for it.
Acceptable Ask: Would you mind if I call you to see if you had 30 minutes for a coffee or a drink? I know that you’re hosting this event and many others – My friends and I are DJs that play XYZ music and we have over 500 people in our list. The venue we’ve been playing at is not accommodating and we’re looking for a better place.
Most of time they are willing to meet or chat over the phone. However, make sure you move the conversation to a face to face meeting or a phone conversation.
Less Acceptable Ask: Here’s a CD and a link to my SoundCloud. Can you please check it and let me know your thoughts?
Yes, I get asked this all the time at clubs. If I’m interested in your music I naturally will check it out.
Also Not Ideal: Can you get me to gig here on Saturday night?
This is also not the best – I just met you, does it seem sensible that you have earned my trust enough to bug somebody super busy?


DJs who get gigs are the people who actually get things done. They tell you that they’re working on remix projects with local producers and they get the tunes signed. They tell you they’re going to land a gig at venue X and they do. They engage their fans on email, Facebook and Twitter. They consistently put out podcasts. They get their gigs listed in local newspapers and blogs. They make progress.
You need to over-deliver and communicate back with influencers showing the progress you’ve made. Before you know it, you’ll become a hometown hero and an influencer.

Monday, March 4, 2013

ĐJ RoK | one of our Lebanese professional Arabic and English music dj's

* One Of The Best Dj's Who Plays All Music's Styles

Born in 1987, lived and raised in Beirut-Lebanon,ĐЈ ROº°‘¨¨‘°ºOK discovered his passion for music at the tender age of 16 years old and through the “frank Sinatra - Eagles” . He got influenced to dance music and the art of Dj’ing.

ĐЈ ROº°‘¨¨‘°ºOK kept his skills warm and active all the way from an amateur dance music DJ to the industry of Progressive music developing his DJ skills.

ĐЈ ROº°‘¨¨‘°ºOK is known for playing numerous styles such as:
Arabic, French, Spanish, Latin, House (Minimal, Electro, Latino, Dark, Progressive...) R&B, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop and Trance.

He was sniping in " Purple Moon, Coobar, Vertigo, Black's, Casetta, Nafas Café, Green Café, 0Db, Casino Du Liban, Cap Sur Ville, Spring Field, Bourj El Fidar, Le Royaume, Karawan, Aunty Rosa, Festivals [Ke7alé Festivals, Ras El Harf Festivals, Ain Dara Festivals, Wadi Jezzine Festivals...]
, Beach&Bachelor Parties [Waves, Cyan, Palapas], Private Parties, New Year parties & Weddings (Metropolitan, Movempick, Le Royal, Aquarium, Acropolis, Cheraton, Radison, Bayview [Penthouse, C-Lounge] & Merry Land Hotels) "

Asking ĐЈ ROº°‘¨¨‘°ºOK about his future plans in his musical career his answer was: “for the present and future, I am looking forward to spin more at gigs pleases my crowd with my own production. I want to produce my own music, express my mind, be part of the sensation that includes Deep house , Tech house , Techno and Progressive.but for the far future, it is definitely music".

In 2009 ĐЈ ROº°‘¨¨‘°ºOK has been chosen to play in the huge event HARMONIC DANCE (Lebanon) where he will spin the music and he will made the clubbers gain a better sense of music.

Contact Info


A few weeks ago, burn studios announced the launch of their 2013 burn studios Residency offering aspiring DJs the chance to fulfill their dreams; showcasing their talent and spending their entire summer tearing up the decks at some of the hottest clubbing destinations in Ibiza.
Today, we are excited to announce on behalf of burn studios that none other than Fatboy Slim and Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) will be joining Steve Lawler, Solomun and Maceo Plex at this year’s bootcamp. Each of these mentors will be working with the finalists and offering them expert guidance to help, encourage and advance their talent so three are prepared for the next step: a summer long residency in Ibiza.

Thousands of people across the globe have already applied, all hoping to be in with a chance to take their sound to the next level with residencies in iconic Ibiza venues Café Mambo and Sankeys.  The mixes already uploaded show an extremely high level of talent, giving an incredible start to the contest.
burn studios Residency offers a unique and unrivalled experience to its contestants.  From local mix-off events, DJs are narrowed down to 18 creative and talented hopefuls who will continue their journey in Ibiza where they will attend the IMS, rubbing shoulders with the Industry’s finest. Once there the aspiring DJ talent will be enrolled in a hands on bootcamp offering the opportunity to partake in workshops run by some of the most revered stars of the EDM world.
burn Marketing Manager, Erik Hofstaedter said ‘At burn we are passionately committed to identifying new talent and with burn studios Residency we have created a platform to give aspiring DJs the best possible shot for their future. What sets us apart from the rest is the wealth of support available to contestants from some of the Industry’s most respected talent, both on stage and behind the scenes. The program is not just about a one off gig, burn studios Residency gives a money can’t buy experience for DJs to have a full season on Ibiza where they can prove their talent, pursue creative goals and receive industry support for their progression as an artist.’
With just one month to go if you haven’t already applied – it’s about time we heard from you!
If you think you have what it takes and want to be in with the opportunity of a lifetime all we need from you is a mix (max 20 mins) including at least one track from the Beatport Top 100. Closing date for entries is 18th March 2013.

The Future Music Festival Tour | Cosmic Gate Host Their Own ŒWake Your Mind¹

Brace yourself Australia! Cosmic Gate are incoming! One of the highlights of the Antipodes’ EDM calendar is closing fast. The 5-city Future Music Festival tour will this year be fielding a Cosmic Gate Wake Your Mind stage!

Through the dynamics of it’s A-list championed, fan-embraced tracks (‘Be Your Sound’, ‘The Theme’ and ‘Flying Blind’, among them) and its globe-encircling tour, ‘Wake Your Mind’ has moved from being ‘just’ an artist album to something closer to an EDM phenomenon.
For the string of dates, Nic & Bossi will be bringing with the cream of thecrop of musical like-minds. W&W, Andy Moor and Super8 & Tab will betaking to the decks, as will local lad tyDi and future hero in the making, Ben Gold. Also lending microphone support will be of the scene’s foremost vocal talents (not to mention regular Cosmic Gate singer-songwriter muse), Ms. Emma Hewitt.
We are uber-excited to come back to Australia again! It’s always a big pleasure to play Future Music Festival and this year we get the great opportunity to present our own 'Wake Your Mind' Festival Stage. Can't be any better!” – Cosmic Gate
If you’re lucky enough to be down-under for Future Music, below are the dates and days you’ll need to Wake Your Mind.
BRISBANE - Saturday 2nd March Doomben Racecourse

PERTH - Sunday 3rd March, Arena Joondalup – Labour Day Long Weekend
SYDNEY - Saturday 9th March Randwick Racecourse

MELBOURNE - Sunday 10th March Flemington Racecourse - Labour Day Long Weekend ADELAIDE - Monday 11th March Bonython Park – NEW VENUE – Adelaide Cup Day

TICKETS ONSALE: Thursday October 18th – 1st Release $140 +bf and service fees.