Wednesday, March 27, 2013

REPORT : Goldenvoice and LED Presents… Laidback Luke at the Fox Pomona By Eddie Bachs

March 7, fans gathered at the Fox Theatre in Pomona from all over the greater Los Angeles area for an intimate performance from Dutch House Producer and DJ Laidback Luke (born Lucas Cornelis Van Scheppingen). As the line grew so did the crowd anticipation and energy as club goers arrived in colorful, albeit revealing attire despite the cold winter evening in Pomona. As the doors opened, fans with floor tickets made their way to the pit entrance to receive their pit access wristbands, a must have for ANYONE in attendance.  As the crowd began filling the pit, LED Presents veteran Brazzabelle arrived as support and opener for Laidback Luke, delivering an energized set beginning with deep and tech house that quickly evolved into a harder heavier electro sound.


As soon as LBL stepped on to the stage, the crowd erupted into cheers, whistles, and screams followed by the unmistakable chanting “LAIDBACK LUKE!!!!” Almost immediately and in unison, the double L shaped LED screens powered on with bursts of light and graphics, the articulated lights began to shower the crowd, and the heartbeat of the kick drums brought the entire venue to life as LBL started his set off appropriately with his 2010 Big Room track “Till Tonight”. It was clear this crowd had been “counting down the minutes till tonight”.  Goldenvoice and LED Presents brought a modest but incredible live production to the Fox, making it less about the lights and lasers and more about the music and performance(sometimes less IS more). As his set went on LBL wooed and wowed the Fox Theatre with tracks from his entire career including his originals productions “My God”, “Do the Robot”,  “Speak Up” and “Trilogy” as well as his remixes of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”, Steve Aoki’s “Emergency” and even a trap version of his “Dirty Talk” remix. And in case anyone was wondering, YES he played “Harlem Shake” and the crowd went NUTS. Not to mention his display of Turntablism skills, scratching and beat juggling (tricks more commonly seen from hip hop DJs) throughout the entirety of his set with his eyes and hands on his CDJs at all times, constantly working on the next mind-blowing moment.