Sunday, June 23, 2013

Arpie aka _ DJ RP

Name : Arpie Sakabedoyan (aka DJRp)
Location : Lebanon
Genre : Progressive House/Trance/ commercial/ R&B/underground/ Deep House/ Electro House
Age : 25 / female 
INSPIRational role models : 

At early age Arpie discovered the beauty of music, entered in choir to sing for 4 years, played classical flute “traversiere” for years. At age of 19 she knew she loved music more than anything else and she realised she could do something about it so by the help of friends she started the journey on computer softwares to practice to become a dj. After years, age of 24 she finally bought CDJ 100S  mixers and practiced at home. Were oppurtunity struck and she became resident dj in LIFE Bar in Jemeyzeh on 350 mixers for nine months . After that she was regular dj at Obladi pub 400S, and guest dj at Spin out and Nova club while djing at private parties, and birthday parties.
 After these experiences and good memories she’s prepared to take it to the next level.
For more info please contact her in person :