Friday, June 14, 2013

DJ NIBAL (lebanon)

Nibal Haddad; born on the 21st of May 1982 in Beirut ,Lebanon.
Starting from the age of 15 Nibal started watching videos of DJs and was amazed by their music and performance. He was deeply impressed and interested in what they had to offer. His parents got him his first CD player (Pioneer DJ 100) at the age of 19.
He started playing music when he moved to Beirut at the age of 21 at a night club in Jounieh.
After that he played in Batroun. In 2005 Nibal moved to Canada and also played there in many places for almost a year. After coming back to Lebanon he went back to playing in clubs and private parties.
In 2009 he travelled to Nigeria and played at a club there.
When he came back to Lebanon he played at The Cyan Resort for three years and other resorts such as Edde Sands, Oceana and Palapas.
Music for him is not a profession but rather more of a passion!

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