Sunday, July 7, 2013

Interview : Cosmic Gate

Starting their careers in 1999, Cosmic Gate has been producing dance music and embarking on world tours before the term EDM existed. From the early success of their single Fire Wire in 2001, the duo have been pushing the boundaries of trance music with their unique sound. Today, they talk to us about their new album “Wake Your Mind Deluxe Edition”. We decided to take some of their precious time to tell us exclusively about their new Deluxe Edition.
DJ S.L: Hey Guys, It’s a pleasure to have you on board and to talk to you again…How are you today? Where are you at the moment reading this interview?

We are good, thank you very much, and on board is the right expression, as we are currently i35000 feet high, otw from LA to Bogota, playing 2 shows this weekend in Colombia.
DJ S.L: What did you want to bring with this Deluxe Edition?
There was simply so much good material out and around the original Wake Your Mind release, remixes, videos, bonus tracks etc etc, that we felt the need to bring it all together, and offer this Deluxe Edition to our fans, or hopefully after listening to it, new fans in the future!
DJ S.L: What was the process for the selection of the remixers for this edition?
We actually, besides some big and established names in the scene, like to chose remixers whose tracks we play a lot in our sets, simply guys that produce great music and maybe are not know too much out of the real insiders scene yet. All of them did a fantastic job delivering great remixes for us, TY guys!
DJ S.L: Which track from the remixed album are you playing most at the moment?
Maybe it’s the W&W remix of Over the rainbow, our dutch boys have done another brilliant job on this one as we think!
DJ S.L: We are going to put you on the spot, now! Can you name three tracks from the album that you feel will most represent the overall sound?
This is not easy at all, as there is so much great music added to the original Wake Your Mind release. Maybe listen to Drifting away (Faruk Sabanci Remix) Calm Down (Omnia Remix) and All around you (Alexander Popov Remix), this shows a bit the variety and sound color you can expect on the Deluxe edition.
DJ S.L: What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment for “Wake Your Mind”? Is it the choice of the artists to remix the album?
This is hard to say, but for sure to pick good remixers is very important, and we fortunately have been very lucky with the work that our guys did remixing our songs, leading to a lot of good music we can now offer on this Deluxe edition fortunately!
DJ S.L: What do you guys think about Trance’s role within the blending genres of electronic music?
We think Trance is still big these days, only it is maybe not all under the name Trance! A lot of big so called EDM producers/djs in our eyes have a lot of trance influences in their productions these days, the biggest dj in the world still is a Trance DJ, so when you consider Trance not only the sound that was played in say 1999, we think it is in a good stage, and sure will maintain to continue be a big part of the electronic music scene.
DJ S.L: Thank you very much, guys, for giving us some of your precious time, and hope to talk to you soon
TYVM for the interview, we speak soon for new upcoming releases.