Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Interview: Mike Vale

Slovenia’s fast rising young DJ/Producer, Mike Vale, has already appeared on Beatport’s “One to Watch” list for 2013, his remix of Prok & Fitch’s “Symphony” went straight to No.1 in the house charts and his remix of Deadmau5 has stayed high in the Beatport charts for months now. He is quickly becoming a staple name amongst the tastemakers of the underground. Mike has just released his first full vocal track, “Don’t Give A Damn” (featuring Stella Mercury) on Roger Sanchez’ esteemed Stealth label. Having once more hit the Top 5 on Beatport, the track is definitely going to be one to watch out for all summer long. Expect to hear it everywhere - radio, clubs, festivals, The White Isle, worldwide…
DJ S.L : Hey Mike! It’s a pleasure to have you on board and to talk to you. How are you today? Where are you at the moment reading this interview?
Thank you, I’m feeling great! I just got back to my studio after being in London over the weekend, where I played a gig at Ministry of Sound. Amazing night!

DJ S.L: Before talking about you and your stuff, we would like to know if you remember your first gig?
I do. I bought my first turntables about 13 years ago, got addicted to buying 12” vinyl and I was just mixing and having fun every single day. After 1 year, the biggest club in Slovenia (called Yucatan) was searching for some new talent at that time, so I got involved and got a chance to play on a radio show, which was connected with Yucatan. After that they gave me a chance to play in the main room in that club. This was the most nerve-racking 2 hours of my life, I couldn’t even breathe properly and my heartbeat was insanely strong (laugh)! However, I did a great job, became a resident and worked there for almost 5 years.

DJ S.L: Could you tell us more about your incredible career till now? We mean… in a really short time, your stuff has been hitting the top charts on Beatport…
All I can say is, it was not easy to get here (laugh)! I sold everything I had, including my car, motorcycle, more than 1500 12” records etc., to build the studio I always dreamed of. I’ve had this studio for almost 4 years now and I am happy for every decision I made regarding it, because all this dedication, passion, belief and hard work helped me get where I am today.
DJ S.L : The remix you did for "Prok & Fitch – Symphony” has literally opened the doors of the world to you?
Actually, the first track that gave me some exposure was “Pretty Woman”, released on Great Stuff. I got massive support on this one and the track was played by all the big names and it was picked up and charted also on MTV and BBC Radio 1. The track was also the 9th most charted track on Beatport. After that I made some really cool tracks, and luckily, they were almost all up there in the Beatport charts as well. Another big moment was my remix for Pleasurekraft (Anubis) and Alex Kenji & NDKj feat. Marga Sol (Not That Kind Of Girl). Both of those got in the Top 10 and after that the remix for Prok & Fitch – Symphony hit No.1 and stayed there for 10 days which is a great achievement for a remix.

DJ S.L: Could you tell us more about your latest collaboration with Stella Mercury called “Don’t Give a Damn” ? How was born this amazing collab? A jewel btw…
I wanted to make a super cool track and I really felt this track even before I started working on it. It’s funny, but I knew then that I was starting something special, but still didn’t know that it was the start of this one-year journey full of emotions. All of those were perfectly captured with the amazing voice of Stella. I really took my time with it and now, looking at the outcome, I am glad I did. I believe all the work and numerous studio sessions were worth it.

DJ S.L: At the moment, every single track you make, is a Bomb!! What’s the recipe to make a hit?
Hard work, focus, feeling and hunger to get better. I never rush myself and the track leaves my studio only when I’m totally happy with it. It’s definitely better to have a small number of quality tracks than a bunch of lousy ones - good sound is essential.

DJ S.L: What’s in the pipeline for this year? We have heard exciting collaborations are on the planning… What can we expect from you?
I’ve got some really cool tracks coming out. I just finished a track together with The Cube Guys and am working on projects with Umek, Groovebox, Marc Vedo, Jerome Robins and NDKj. There are also a few collaborations on the horizon that I can’t speak about just yet. All I can say is that there are some big ones among those.

 DJ S.L: Some DJs are now considered real stars, which was not the case 15 years ago. How do you explain the changing social status of DJ and how did you personally experienced? What’s your goal into all we see in the EDM industry actually?
Electronic music is definitely stronger than ever and because of that and because of the bigger audience you have to be even better and stand out even more. But because of accessibility, new DJs and producers are also popping out of nowhere, basically on a daily basis, looking for a shortcut to success. Almost everyone can invest in a laptop and "borrow" plug-ins to start producing or DJing. I believe there are as many positive as there are negative points in this trend, but the negative one that stands out the most is that too many artists are starting to sound the same.
DJ S.L: Are you a follower of Social media, do you think its massively important now?
It’s definitely important, if you are not visible on social media you basically do not exist. It is a great channel also for artists to stay in touch with their fans and a free and simple way to keep your fans and followers up to date with what you do.

DJ S.L: Which DJ would you like to swap places for one day if you could?
That’s an interesting question. I’m pushing myself hard and I believe in what I do, so I am focusing on my own journey as a DJ. Therefore I would not swap places with anyone - I want to experience all the good stuff in my own way (laugh)!

DJ S.L: Everyoneʼs got a hidden talent. Whatʼs yours?
Racing cars and motorcycles, but I’m done with that.

DJ S.L: What keeps you up till late? Mostly late night studio sessions, searching for cool fresh music and a movie sometimes.
DJ S.L: Your favorite application this year ?
Probably Vine.
DJ S.L : The discovery of the year?
DJ S.L : We're reaching the end of this interview, would you like to say something to your fans that are reading this?
Believe in what you do and you’ll get there.
DJ S.L : And our famous last question; when you visit our pages (www.djnews.be), What are your first impressions?
I like it, a lot of useful information.
DJ S.L : Thank you very much, Mike, for giving us some of your precious time, it was a great pleasure and we wish you the very best for the rest of your career. Speak to you soon!!
Thank you, the pleasure is all mine!

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