Wednesday, May 20, 2020

MUSIC NOW during quarantine Lockdown 2020

YES WE ARE Quarantined!
Most of the world is fighting this pandemic ,while some producers trained or may say they were spending most of their time in the studio.
People are working from home, staying indoors, and wondering when life will return to normal.
Those of us who are self emoployed, artists, or workaholics that wish to continue creating, despite the situation and mood outside.
I have taken to self-isolation, staying at home with my family. While we wait out this pandemic, I have made some severe changes, investing my time and to sharpen my skills; I want to share some tips on being productive in this downtime.

To be honest for the first time in my life, I felt true bordom, but then I realized that I need to finish my postponed projects. when I started to make a plan I started to filter all my ideas into mixing and mastering the arranged tracks. The next day I started with a song for the dark note band after leaving it behind for months it seemed a bit different to my ears, I found some of the minuscule sound errors I missed before. After I was done with the rest of the tweaks, sound effects came more clear for the vocals than usual. From my personal experience and the lesson I have learned, no matter how important it is, a person must not rush out things to deliver fast, so I've developed a small equation
good quality = time +effort repetition + experience
bad quality = Quantity + short time + fewer efforts
I mix and master mostly in my private mix studio, a multi-room studio in my own house. Cities around the world have shut down, but I have clients and projects that will continue for the foreseeable future.
Equipment and DAWS:
I've also learned that the most important things you need to have a well-produced product are the following :
PC: it needs to be powerful, if u want to have a stable workstation with no sudden crashes.
The best thing you should invest for the five upcoming years:
The most common specs I would recommend to build your desktop from scratch, which is the most pocket friendly option are :
getting the latest CPU processor I9 + with Asus motherboard ( i recommend it because some are not compatible with the sound cards.
get the fastest SSD DRIVE for the operating system (most common are Samsung nowadays)
and get 20 terabytes extra storage for the samples and VSTS, plugins and saving projects.
SAMSUNG 950 PRO M.2 2280 512GB PCI-Express 3.0 x4 Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-)
RAMS: get as many as you can 32 GB is the minimum
if you are producing videos, get the big VGA to the get the most GPU processing you might need.
SoundCards and monitors: DO NOT GET A CHEAP ONE,
my first experience was a nightmare, the sound quality was awful, and the sound card was louder on the left side, so I used to have a headache every time I wanted to do something . It was extremely frustrating.
when I started to build my first studio, I bought a home studio beginners package from a well-known store in Lebanon, at the beginning of 2019.
I've first bought M track 2x2 and Bx5 studio monitors; then, I thought the problem was from the speakers, then I had to upgrade to M audio Bx8 the same situation, so I kept the speakers and decided to go for a Focal Alpha 80. the sound was too busy, and I couldn't get a good mastering at all. I've sold the set up for a very low price although i wanted to burn them for their terrible performance.
So I went to a professional studio company, and they recommended the greatest invention of all sound cards. at least that's how i see it for mid-high budget The RME BAY FACE PRO you will be very satisfied to get the 24-Channel, 192 kHz, bus-powered
as for the speakers they also advised me to get the focal twin shape. Trust me they are extraordinary speakers!!!
to be continued...