The  DJ SCHOOL LEBANON  grew out of the DJ School project delivered and initiated in 2009.
With the goal of lowering the barrier of entry to the art form of the DJ.
The overwhelming success of this project led to the DJ School project’s expansion in 2010. Since the creation of the DJ SCHOOL LEBANON  in 2010 the organisation has earned a reputation for delivering high quality music making opportunities, helping young people build self-esteem and confidence by teaching them the skills required to make a career in the music industry in a safe, fun and constructive environment.

DJ School LEBANON  is simple: have fun with records! We strive to find new ways to teach and creatively express ourselves by playing with sound.  we emphasize the roots of DJ culture: vinyl, CDJ'S and mixer'S. By focussing on the CDJ as an instrument, creating music with CDJ can take on a completely different shape.
While the art of DJing and Scratching has often been clouded . we bring to the learning environment the DJ school of thought that the DJ is a musician playing an instrument of personal expression called the CDJ.
The DJ School is based at the Urban Arts from the center of  BEIRUT  welcomes participants of all ages and all skills and attainments. From complete beginners and novices to those who are more familiar with DJ-ing. Through workshops, lessons, tutorials and ongoing support and guidance encourages students to aspire to intermediate and advanced levels. Those who commit and gain advanced skills, are provided opportunities to gain a recognized qualification, to perform in public at showcases and professional events in the community at clubs and entertainment venues throughout the country,or and to launch a career in the entertainments industry. In our adult program we also teach creative and performing arts classes for those who already have a talent and would like to learn how to grow it into a small business. All our tutors are fully trained and practicing freelance artists themselves, so we have a wealth of experience to offer. You can find out more about our current adult program.
The DJ School wishes to thank all its partners and founders for all the support and help the School has received.